Mid-Winter Festival 2013

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Photos by Tom Delaney

FEBRUARY 2nd, 2013

Schedule of Events

1 pm - Gumbo Ce Soir – Young Cajun musicians from the Texas side.
2 pm – Austin Balkan Singers - Middle Eastern European harmonies.
2:25pm - Tayebeh & Ali Reza - Persian singing and setar music.
3 pm – Mundi – World Music for a new world.
4 pm - Jitterbug Vipers – Everybody's favorite Vintage Jazz & Jitterbug Swing band
5 pm - Big Jug Band – Sweet Novelties and  Jug Band Music from a cast of thousands.
6 pm - Gray Sky Boys – Bluegrass as it is meant to be.
7 pm – Aidan – Irish music, up to tempo and up for the crack.
8 pm – Djembabes – African Drumming and Singing, dedicated to pure joy.
9 pm - Barn Owls – Appalachian Old Time String Band music from the Violet Crown of the Hills.

Video by Jim Lutz


Old-Time Banjo, Molly Johnson

Molly will help beginner oldtime banjo players to improve their basic right-hand clawhammer technique. Intermediate players can benefit from Alexander technique-based ideas about how to sit, support their instrument, and use their arms to improve accuracy, tone, and physical comfort. 
We will also discuss how to learn and progress as a banjo player at any skill 

Old-Time Fiddle, Trent Shepherd
Begin with the basics of old-time Appalachian fiddle -- emphasis on beginner bow strokes and simple cross-tuning in the key of A.

CloggingWorkshop, Steve Wiswell

Focusing on the basics steps of Appalachian clogging and how these steps are used to dance to old time and bluegrass music. Everyone is welcome. Starting with easy step-rock-steps, you will be dancing to live music by the end of the workshop.

Concertina, Dave Polacheck 

Members of the Austin Concertina Gathering will present the story of this unique instrument along with descriptions and demonstrations of the-English, Anglo German and Duet systems.

Rag Fiddle, Dan Foster

The origins and history of string rag music. Tips on learning tunes played by the Georgia Yellow Hammers, Stripling Brothers, Lowe Stokes, East Texas Serenaders, and others. Rag chord progressions, bowing, the"scary" keys, getting up the neck (and back down again) before learning a tune of choice.

How to play the JUG! Craig High

Craig High and other members of the local jug band scene will offer a history and instructional session on the art of musical jug blowing for all ages. Jugs will be provided!

Autoharp, Lindsay Haisley

An introduction to the autoharp, covering maintenance, tuning and traditional and modern techniques and styles. Information on autoharp festivals, sources for parts and tools, and online resources for people interested in the instrument. 

Learn to Play the Bones, Rich McMath 

Learn how to hold the bones and play bone basics, the tap and the triplet, and maybe more. If you have some already, please bring along. 

Guitar -Irish Music Accompaniment, Jeff Moore

Jeff's workshop will demonstrate the fundamentals of accompanying Irish tunes, the musical structure of jigs, reels and hornpipes as well as strumming techniques and their relationship to texture. Chords for Dropped-D and DADGAD tuning will be demonstrated. Jeff will also discuss the importance of Irish Tune Session etiquette.

Singing with Poise, Molly Johnson

Using principles of the Alexander Technique, Molly will teach participants how to be more conscious of the way head and body poise impacts their voice and how doing less instead of more is the key to singing with ease. 

International Folk DancingGenevieve Kent

Learn international folk dances with live music by Kolorash. Dance to traditional music from Bulgaria, Moldavia, Russia, and Croatia, and compare and contrast with Old-Time American music and styles of movement as we make our way across Europe. No experience or partner necessary.